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Caring For Your Silicone Mold

Wash Molds Before Use

Our molds are handmade and have been handled many times before being sent to you. It is very important you wash them in warm soapy water before use. Do not use an abrasive pad/sponge as mold surfaces can scratch. You can also run your molds through your dishwasher (details down like an upside-down bowl) with your normal cleansers. To avoid hard water spots in your mold after washing, shake the mold free of water droplets and use compressed air to blow off any remaining water. For the most thorough drying, put your mold onto a tray in an oven at 165°F for 30 minutes. This will both dry and sanitize your molds. Silicone will get hot, be careful when handling it during removal from the oven. If you are using your silicone molds with chocolate and are having trouble washing the cocoa butter residue out of the mold, please watch this helpful video on YouTube.

Can I Bake/Freeze With My Mold?

Yes. Our platinum cured silicone is rated for continuous use in high temperature environments. The safe temperature range for continuous use is 400ºF/232ºC, but can handle temperatures up to 450ºF as long as the exposure to heat is not longer than 30 minutes. Do not use silicone molds in a hybrid microwave/convection oven as the temperatures exceed safe use levels. Our silicone is also stable for both conventional and blast freezing. You will notice blast freezing makes the silicone less elastic and more difficult to unmold. Additionally, over time, molds may lighten in color. This does not effect the integrity of the material.

How To Store Your Mold

Do not store silicone molds in direct contact with other types of silicone molds as they may bond over time. Store all your molds flat with the detail facing up and cover with parchment paper. Molds stored in an irregular pile will warp and can retain a bent shape. Keeping the detail surface covered with parchment paper helps prevent dust or other debris from settling inside of the surface of the mold. Dry your molds before storing them and do not store your molds wrapped in plastic wrap. If your mold design has hard to reach nooks and crannies (possible bacteria traps), wash your mold with soap and water and then bake it out in an oven at 165°F for 30 minutes. If you are working in a clean, professional environment, it should not be necessary to wash your molds between each casting cycle provided you are running the same ingredients repeatedly. Use common sense when determining wash frequency. Remember; always wash your molds before use if they have been in storage for a while. 

How Long Will My Silicone Mold Last?

Silicone molds can last for many years when properly cared for. The longevity of a silicone mold varies depending on use. For example, if you are using your mold with liquid nitrogen, this can cause the material to crack rapidly. Conversely, silicone can burn. Keep it away from direct exposure to open flame. Helpful tip:  Although not required, some chefs use commercial non-stick cooking sprays in the mold before use to help lozenges and gummies release easier from molds. 

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