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Corn Ring Chef Corey Siegel Brioche

Read why chefs around the world trust Chicago Culinary FX for their food shaping needs.


"I appreciate your hurry-up on my order as well as the special treat you included. I made a point of mentioning you at a presentation that I made to the entire school last week, complete with a shot of your website and pass-around of the catalogue."
 - Stephen Durfee, Pastry Chef

"Thank you, the mold is killer!"

- Andy Chlebana, Exec. Pastry Chef

"Thank you very much for the secondary option. This is one of the many reasons I so frequently use CCFX. The attentiveness and service is overwhelming."

-Jewel Johnson, Pastry Chef

"I would like to thank you again for your involvement in this project, not only were the top executives of Campbell's were asking a lot of questions about the molds provenance. Thank you again."

- Thierrey Muret, Sr. Chef Chocolatier

"Thank you so much I really appreciate how fast you and your team jumped on this. As always it shows how professional you all are. We really appreciate it."
-David Ramirez, David Ramirez Chocolates

"Thank you once again for all the help, support, and flexibility you have given me during the MOF, what a great adventure it has been!"

-Frederic de Villeneuve, Exec. Pastry Chef

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