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  • Jasmine Butterfly Showpeel
  • Jasmine Butterfly Showpeel
SKU: ST002

Jasmine Butterfly Showpeel


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The Jasmine Butterfly is one of our most popular designs... and for good reason. This Showpeel contains two sets of butterfly wings allowing you to make either a large or a small butterfly. Both are perfect to bring a soothing, natural look to your showpiece. To use, cut out the four silicone wing peels, dip them into hot sugar or Isomalt, attach the wings together at the center (a butterfly body can be made by hand separately) and then airbrush. The silicone Showpeels can also be used for texturing chocolate, pastillage or fondant. These butterflies look so realistic, people will likely whisper so as not to frighten them from their perch.

Showpeel mats are ~8½" (21 cm) x 11" (28 cm) and come with instructions.

Made of food contact safe silicone. Wash before use.

Do not heat above 450° F/ 232° C. Handmade in the USA.


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