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Peach Pit


On a recent perfect summer day, Beatrice, our forager, was enjoying perfect peaches with dear friends at an orchard. The experience and remaining the pits were the inspiration for this food-contact-safe silicone Peach Pit Mold.


To create this silicone Peach Pit Mold, Beatrice ate a lot of peaches and hand selected the pits with the most character. The pits were then cast into models capturing all their intricate character and shape. Beatrice then filled in all the extreme crevasses and took off the tips. Without these casting pitfalls, the bites-size casting you create with them should be possible on a production scale.


The peach pit shown in the example, is made of chocolate rolled marzipan. Why not make shortbread pits with marzipan centers? Or ginger infused ice cubes to add to your peach drinks? We provide the food-contact-safe silicone molds, the casting is up to you.

This two-part Peach pit silicone mold, provides six cavities of two different peach pits. Each of the six castings measure about:


<1.38” h x 1.1” wide x >.825” fat


3.5 cm h x 3cm wide x 2 cm fat


Made of high-quality food-contact safe platinum silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 400° F/ 204° C. Casts with a blast freezer or liquid nitrogen. Handmade in the USA.

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