Custom Silicone and PETG Plastic Molds
This is a custom car mold made using a slicone mold
Toyota Prius Popcicle made with custom silicone mold - Lollapalooza Music Festival
Standard Silicone Mold used for depositors

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Are you looking for custom molds that are made of food contact safe silicone or PETG? Chicago Culinary FX offers quality molds for any scope of project. We have experience making a wide variety of custom molds. Whether it's custom food molds, custom industrial molds, custom PETG Molds, custom chocolate molds, or any other custom mold solution, we have you covered.

Interested in something other than food? Please visit our Non-Culinary Custom Molds page for a taste of what else we do.

Every day, we make premium grade custom molds for individuals and companies around the world. Professional chefs, entrepreneurs, and multinational brands continually use our services to help give shape to their ideas. When it comes to R&D, our customers have found our silicone mold making process to be an affordable alternative to injection molding and our HD (High Def) PETG mold superior to what they have found elsewhere on the market.

We understand your expertise may be in other areas aside from mold making, so we try to make the process as simple as possible. Thank you for considering Chicago Culinary FX for your custom mold needs.

To get a quote for a custom silicone mold or a custom thermoformed plastic mold is a straightforward process. To avoid errors in our estimating process, please take a few minutes to fill out the form below. It will help us to more fully understand your vision. Additionally, we need to know how you intended to use your mold as the use determines the design and the cost. If you prefer to provide this information by phone, please call to speak with Michael Joy, our master mold maker at 708-660-9707. To us, custom mold making is more than just a job, it is an investment in a relationship.

Your 'FIRST' mold cost can start between $900.00 and $5,000.00. Once your first mold is created, your duplicate molds are made at a much lower cost.

Please note: Although we create molds for many industries, our mold costs are typically not feasible for soap manufacturers, candles, cake decorations, or home hobbyists and therefore we will not be able to provide estimates for those categories.

The Secret is Quality

Our Platinum-cured silicone molds have proved to durable and last years in daily production. Our high-definition PETG plastic molds offer great detail and are much more rigid than what's on the market.

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